What we put in our body has a huge influence on how well our mind works. Mind and Body are ONE which means they work together and effect each others balance. So not only are our precious human bodies, but also is our evolutionary process, therefore affected by how we eat.

With this in mind, I’ve been introducing more and more raw food to my diet and monitoring the difference in my energy, the way my body feels and the clarity and positivity of my mind…. The less sugar and the more raw food, the greater I have found energy, clarity and optimism to be – and therefore the greater my ability to remain balanced in the face of challenge and change during the Spiritual Practice of life.

What’s becoming apparent to me, as I read books like Spiritual Nutrition by Gabriel Cousens, is the density of the food I used to eat. Even though I had long since moved to gluten free breads and baked, steamed or lightly stir fried foods with the likes of rice instead of potatoes or pasta, I was still feeling sluggish and heavy when I woke up in the mornings and often felt as if I were dragging my body through the mud on a continual basis. My head was very rarely clear, even though I hadn’t touched alcohol in months, and my energy levels were just basically low and lethargic.

Considering I was one of the healthiest eating people that I know, this didn’t make sense. What I’ve come to appreciate now, is that as I eat for Spiritual Nutrition, and live with an attitude of gratitude, my energy and vitality, not to mention outlook on life, is entirely different than before.

For example… if I eat refined, processed sugary stuff (we cannot call this food, for it is actually an addictive, health debilitating drug – see the documentary by Nancy Appleton called Sweet Suicide) and cooked grains with processed foods from a can or some sort of msg and preservative containing package, then I am more likely to perceive things negatively and become emotionally upset and negative. I am less likely to be motivated to get on my yoga mat or meditation cushion. And I am more likely to want to engage in activities that do not aid my spiritual growth. Now I could use all this as a test to my balance and spiritual growth – but really, there are enough variables out there that I have no control over, why make things even harder on ourselves than they already are?!

So if I seek extra sweetness from fresh fruit and love from within, while focusing on that which is good and right in my life, then my heart is happy and my soul is singing and life seems to flow with a vitality and confidence that was absent when refined sugar and heavy cooked foods were key components to my diet.

I am fast becoming convinced that eating in this way is a key element to Universal happiness and sustainable living – not to mention a far more spiritually congruent way of eating. We cannot continue to live in a world with such discontentment and pain, let alone the level of unconscious consumerism with which we live today and expect for things to improve. We need to make some changes and what we put in our refrigerators seems, to me, to be a good place to start.

By adding more and more raw foods into my diet means I naturally and easily eliminate the need for cooking the food I eat, while increasing my awareness of what I put in my refrigerator. In time I will get all my food from the ground upon which I live, but for now I must forage mostly in the supermarkets. If there are two of the same product, one wrapped in plastic and one loose, I’ll now buy the loose one in an attempt to reduce the amount of plastic we consume. I rarely go down the middle isles of the supermarket these days – there is very little in those isles apart from sugar/hard drugs and processed, dead stuff that just cannot be called food!

Eating in this way not only increases vitality and optimism, but also increases our immunity and health. I’m noticing huge differences from my complexion to my energy to my outlook on life. Couple this with good quality sleep and you have a the key elements to a well balanced psyche and a happy heart.

Until next time, Namaste.

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Moving forward can mean moving on. Moving on feels like letting go. And letting go sounds scary even when we want to move on. The future is unknown and the past is familiar and safe, crusty corners and all.

So finding a way to move on from the past yet embrace it and accept that it is the past, all at the same time, can create more than a wobble of a challenge and a few tears. But the challenge lies not only in the act of moving on from how things were in the past, but also the role that we personally played. That person that we were can often seem more fun, more free, more spontaneous, more confident, more exciting, or more something.

Think about how comfortable and confident you were in the old job, how free and spontaneous you were before you had your child or got a mortgage, or how easy it was to just be in the old flat or town or relationship, or how you were before you got in a relationship. All these kinds of changes create changes in identity. And changes in identity can lead to identity crisis…. “Who am I now?”

On top of these kinds of changes we have energy shifts or planetary realignments taking place that are almost demanding our release and acceptance of the past, so we may move forward to higher levels of awareness and consciousness. In the higher realms of awareness we comprehend that there are other aspects to ourselves that exist externally to the physical body and in a different dimension to the Earth on which we physically exist .

These other aspects have been referred to as Spirit Guides, Guardian Angles, Higher Self and God to name but a few. Did you know that these are actually aspects of YOU and that you have access to all of their wisdom through all of your changes? And now is the time to call upon that wisdom.

As the planet is readjusting her vibrational patterns right now we are experiencing a myraid of change that is resulting in all kinds of emotional disturbance that appears as anxiety, panic, stress, insomnia or depression as you ask “Where do I belong?” and “I feel so alone.” It can feel as if your wheels are really about to fall off. And it is actually ok if they do because that is the kind of change this is. It is demanding we re-identify ourselves at a higher level of awareness and find that place in which we have a sense of belonging and ultimate freedom.

The higher levels of awareness that are being called for now are ones that allow us to follow our higher purpose for being here. Now is the time to surrender to your inner yearning and follow that which makes your heart sing, your body healthy and our planet shine. Now is the time to create all that you came here to create and to let go of the old ways of thinking and seeing things.

Its time to change your perception and include more perspectives in your World View. Let go that it has to be hard and that good things come through sweat and tears. Let go that all good things come to those who wait. Let go that because it was hard for our ancestors it has to be hard for us too. Let go that they are wrong and you are right. Let go that there is only the way we’ve always done it. Let go of all that struggle and open your mind to the possibility of a New Way of Being.

Now is the time to change your perspective. See economic downturn as positive restructuring and an opportunity to ask yourself “what is important to me?” See redundancy as the chance to create with your time that which is inspiring to you. See the need to leave behind one way of life for another as an opportunity to follow your Soul Purpose. See wakeful nights as opportunities to connect with higher aspects of yourself and better understand your Divine Intention. See what appears to be forced change as guidance from the ever present aspect of yourself that knows better than you do. Learn to Trust that all is perfect just the way it is… even if it isn’t as comfortable as you would prefer it to be.

Who of the great Saints of our time did all that they did in continual comfort anyway?

Comfort comes out of discomfort. The two take turns as they ebb and flow through the stream of life. Strength comes from moving through fear. Fear and Trust can not exist simultaneously. So just Trust in the perfect outcome of all things. Put one foot in front of the other and follow your own light.

Find a way to do what you do with enjoyment and enthusiasm and if you can’t do that, then do it with acceptance (or don’t do it at all). By engaging in that which makes our heart sing, creating that which inspires us and providing that which is of service to others, we are increasing the vibration of our planet and moving into the higher realms of love and joy where money and consumerism is just another aspect of the past.

Ask yourself, what is important to me? Embrace it all. You don’t have to let it go, you can transcend and include it. We’re all One so there is nothing to let go of. Accept that it is what it is and be grateful for all of its beauty, crusty corners and all. Everything in life is an opportunity to learn, love or grow and as we continue to wake up and become more and more aware, that which we learn, love and grow with raises our vitality and the vibration of the planet.


Changes are Afoot Out There

February 24, 2009

 2009 has taken off so quickly that suddenly we are half way through February already. With January having already disappeared I thought it might be good to spend a moment focusing on moving with the changes and being more present with them. Presence allows us to open to the learning and growth that can come from being in the moment of change.

So whether 2009 has seen you move into a new job, house, town, country, relationship, attitude, personality, lifestyle, way of being, new perception, alternate dimension or higher vibration, the following list may help you to jive more intelligently and presently and ultimately more peacefully… what ever the changes are that are going on in your corner of reality…  this is what has enlightened my path and dawned upon me, as we enter into a new year with a lot of changes and a whole new vibration: 

As you read through these ten points, have in the back of your mind the notion that the more one focuses on what they leave behind in the old energy of thoughts and beliefs and ways of being, the harder it becomes to move into new energy, and therefore into new possibilities and levels of vibration… and ulitmately ways of Being.

  1. Focusing on what we leave behind us keeps us in that energy. The past is what has shaped us into who we are today. we need to embrace its learnings, include them in our psychology and then transcend, or growth through, them to the next level of development.
  2. On the path of evolution our challenge seems to be to face everything and avoid nothing. That which comes into our path does so for a reason. As it is faced, the illusion of fear dispels itself so that the pathway and the goal become one in the same lit with love and light, learning and growth.
  3. To have faith in the perfect outcome of all things is to recognise that things don’t always make sense right now, but they will. Just BE. All will become clear. And all is well.
  4. Our emotions are our internal guidance system that lights the way. Use them to do what feels good and right for yourself and you are automatically then doing what is good and right for those around you. You can only live your life for you and all is in Divine and Perfect Order.
  5. If it feels right, but feels fearful also…. Do it anyway. Fear is heavy and weighs you down and holds you back. Fear and Truth can not live side by side. Transcending it strengthens and enlightens.
  6. When dealing with changing circumstances, knowing what to do is the easy part. Acting on it is the hard part. Listen to your own inner wisdom. You know what’s right for you right now. And if you don’t, then don’t do anything until you do. Just sit in the now and you will know when the time is right.
  7. Thinking the way we have always thought creates the experience we have always had. Opening your mind to new possibilities, paradigms, beliefs and concepts opens your life to new experiences and breaks the patterns of the past, thereby creating new patterns for the future.  
  8. Fatigue and lack of energy often come from boredom and pointless monotony. Anxiety can be the gross body adjusting to vibrational changes in the astral body as we experience energetic shifts in planetary awareness. Enthusiasm for life, higher purpose, peace and wellbeing come from aligning our human head with our spiritual heart and soul intention.
  9. Our purpose in life is to Evolve. We can only be exactly where we are and moving on means to transcend and include all that has gone on before.
  10. You only find out what is true for you by personal experience… or else it is just hearsay. Only You can live your life. So live it your way to your own higher good and you are automatically living to the higher good of All.

Change is your friend. It is not business as usual out there … and thats a good thing.  So it is time to get creative and do things differently.  Creativity best happens in the moment of right now – the only moment in which change can really happen anyway.

As always, all is in Divine and Perfect Order… even if it seems a little messy sometimes… its ok?!